Just add a dash of lime…

A bit more of a “before” record than a very interesting post, but at least there’s something for the breakfasting readers on a Monday morning desperate for something to enjoy over the Weetbix*. Today we managed to implement one small part of the “add some interest to flat and boring grass” plan and managed to get a trio of trees installed in one small corner of the place.

Crap photo for now, but it was getting pretty dark by the time we started planting, let along finished. (Not quite sure what’s up with the grass in the pic. It might be a bit messy, but it’s not really black out there, honest!) Must remember to take a decent pic in summer, assuming they get any leaves. At least you can see the stakes, if not the trees.

They’re a trio of tilia europaea, or English or common Lime trees. How they relate to their more fruity namesakes I have no idea. But given how big they can eventually grow I’m not sure you’d want to get them mixed up. I suspect we’ll never see them at their maximum height though.

Digging them in today was about as easy as it can be here as the ground is still soaking from a long period of rain. Definitely the best conditions for digging around here! Might have to try to quickly get on to another phase or two!

* As a side note, doesn’t Monday morning really suck for internet news in NZ!? At least while the northern football season is enjoying it’s 2 week holiday.

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