We’ve got trees, they’re multiplying…

I have no idea why I’ve got Grease songs on my mind at the moment. I suspect I must have seen a promo for an up and coming viewing on TV some time soon. Threw me mentally back years to being forced, forced I say, to endure a showing every weekend as my sister wore out her video tape of it. I think I still might need some professional help for that eventually… But anyway. Onwards to the actual story for today.

Yesterday we went and collected another 193 trees and shrubs. That’s quite a lot. Luckily some of them are quite small, so it only took 2 wagon loads to get them home. But once they were home we had to plant them. First up was the bare root trees, as they’re obviously the most in need of soil around their nether regions. They were also by far the biggest, and therefore most expensive, so worth looking after immediately.

So. In went another two maples (of differing spreading habits) and another two Claret Ash, all out the front joining the previously installed stand of a maple, another Claret Ash, and a Golden Elm that it would appear we didn’t document fully, but two out of three ain’t all that bad. So now there are seven.

We also added another nectarine to the orchard, as we couldn’t quite work out why we’d only installed one last time, while the apricots and peaches got two variants. I’ll save you yet another picture of what looks like random twigs.

As you can see from the long shadow, by the tie we’d got those in it was getting pretty late. So to recap. On day one we’ve installed a grand total of five trees. Only 188 to go! You know what that means. Tune in tomorrow for the next instalment! Unless I don’t get it done tomorrow, in which case find something else to read over your morning coffee…

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  1. Sister Jo says:

    I’m betting you have already ordered the DVD for Adele’s first birthday. If not I could always do it for you….

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