Cacti and Cowboy Country

For a bit of a break, as we didn’t go anywhere for Christmas last year, we took a quick visit to the States to visit Meg and Michael. We, with the help of Michael and his folks, managed to keep it a complete surprise for Megan. And I think she was surprised! She says pleasantly, so we’ll happily take her word on that.

The full story and pics are here, as I wanted to keep this front page loadable in a reasonable time for when you all check back for more news, but here’s a quick summary…

First stop was Tucson, Arizona, where we arrived late at night to falling snow, only to wake up to a much brighter day in the morning. Tucson saw us dining out for lunch in nice weather, visiting the desert museum – where we saw lots of animals and catic, taking a ‘hike’ in a canon (what kiwi’s would call a walk), drinking margarita’s in the sun, taking pics of lots of cati, and pretty much just plain relaxing.

Then off to Cowboy country – Houston, Texas, to hang out at Megan and Michael’s. Houston saw us doing lots of shopping, visits to the supermarket (lame you might say – but they have such different things to look at), Bec and Michael eating lots of Coldstone, playing Wii, and more mooching around.


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