Removing an annoyance…

For a while now I’ve had a weird PC issue on one of the Windows XP computers I use. JPG files on the desktop wouldn’t open to view when double clicked. Double clicking in an ordinary Explorer window opened them fine, but from the desktop the Picture and Fax viewer would flash up and then disappear straight away.

Annoying, but not life threatening!

Tried everything I could think of to fix it, but no luck. Every now and then I search the net for an answer and there is always a bit of really dumb advice from people that haven’t really understood the issue. But today I finally found a proper answer here. A corrupt link to another program on the desktop. Work out which one it is, delete that, and all back to normal again.

Why on earth a corrupt link should make any difference to how an image file opens, I’m not sure. Seems pretty dumb to me!

Big thanks to whoever found the answer though!

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