Eviction Update

Immediate panic over.  All the advice we’ve had confirms that we’ve got at least 3 weeks minimum until the time that bailiffs could turn up at the door. Whew!

And in even better news, we think we’ve found a flat to move into. In another block of apartments just across the road, so moving should be reasonably easy. It’ll be the second time in London we’ve moved just down the road we’ve been living on. We still got a man and a van for that move as there were lots of stairs involved then and it was a bit further away, but this time we might either do it ourselves or just get some guys without the van, but with some trolleys.

So assuming our reference checks all come back fine (and there’s no reason they shouldn’t that we know of, unless we catch something nasty from the landlord’s issues)  we can stop worrying about finding somewhere and just worry about packing.

Did I mention that I hate moving?

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