Facing Eviction

As of last night we live in uncertain times. It appears our landlord has been lying to us and this flat is due to be repossessed by his bank. In a week.


We did know that there were issues, but he’d told the property management company that they were all sorted out, and he was paying the mortgage again. The lying *#&#^#£&* $£#&#$ #$#%#£&$££$!!!

What that really means for us we’re not quite sure yet. Worst case is we’ve got a week to move, or face not being able to get into the flat one day next week. But I’m pretty sure it’s not quite that bad. Still pretty bad, but not that bad. I think best case we will get another 28 days from next week, which at least will give us time to find somewhere to live!

Looking on the (very small) bright side, one impact of his lying to us that things were all sorted out might be that we didn’t end up being in exactly the same situation in an identical flat one flight up. When we heard he had issues, we thought of moving, and there was a flat just upstairs that would have made moving easy. But we believed him and didn’t (purely to avoid the hassle of moving). And now the property management company tell us that that landlord now appears to be going into liquidation too. Looks like the falling house market here is claiming quite a few victims.

Unfortunately some of them are us, and other tenants around the place.

What has struck me about this whole saga is how little rights tenants have, and how little information they/we are entitled to. It’s perfectly possible that the first thing a tenant would know about any of this is when the eviction notice arrives. Doesn’t seem very fair to me, but there you go.
More information on the situation as it comes to hand…


I really, really hate moving!

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