Look familiar?

Posted in Food and Drink on March 23rd, 2013 by Coffee

chilli jam ingredients

That’s right, it’s the ingredients for another batch of chilli jam! Regular readers might be thinking I’ve used the same photo as last year, but there are some differences if you look closely enough!

The very last of last year’s batch is sitting in the fridge, so we’ve obviously both got the perfect amount for a year sorted. I think. I’m also only guessing that we’ve used the same recipe that we used last year, as we didn’t seem to note it down anywhere. Doh! Bookmarked this time though, on the assumption it is. We never learn.

What we have learnt is that a jam thermometer makes life a lot easier than trying to use cold saucers to estimate the setting point! Life would have been a lot simpler if we’d leant that before the apricot jam session!

New Neighbours

Posted in Animals on March 9th, 2013 by Coffee

We’ve got some new neighbours over the fence in the back paddock. At least they’re relatively quiet and well behaved!


Our next door neighbour asked if he could graze his flock of alpacas for a while letting them chomp on the lucerne that’s growing there. We’re not doing anything with it, so why not! Besides, it’s kind of nice to watch them mooch about the place!