A Scenic Interlude

On the way out to our bit of dirt there’s a line of cabbage trees beside one of the main roads. After driving past this quite a few times out of the corner of my eye I noticed a fairly well disguised sign that suggested it wasn’t just someone’s front fence-line, but something a bit more public. And for the last few trips we’ve been meaning to stop off and have a look, but either it’s been cold or raining, or we’ve been too gosh darn tired to bother. But today we remembered in time and slammed on the brakes and turned up the road to take a look.

Apparently it’s called Whites Road Reserve. Good luck finding out anything about it on the net! If you do, let me know!

But it’s a nice little wetland reserve, absolutely full of NZ natives, with a nice little path around the edge for a reasonably short stroll. I assume any dedicated Twitchers would recognise more of the waterfowl than I did!

From the gate I recommend starting by going to your right, past the open areas and flax bushes, and then coming back into the slightly denser area.

Which then leads into an almost lovely area for a picnic. Why almost? Well, remember how we worked out it was there by driving past? Work it out for yourself!

But I think we’ll be keeping this on our “tourist trail” list, as it’s a lovely spot, and shows what some of the little trees that we’ve planted will finally look like.

One day I might even try to find out more about what the hell it’s doing there!

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