HOW many workers?!

After taking a long weekend off after last weeks physical exertion, we headed back out to get few things done. Pulling up the drive we were stunned by the number of vehicles parked around the place! Seemingly all the white vans in the district, as well as a truck dropping off a few bit of cladding.

We’d kind of got used to the relaxed feeling of the site with the builder and his couple of offsiders wandering around doing their stuff, but today the place was full of people! Everywhere you turned there was someone with a ladder, drill, hammer or screwdriver! There was some sparkies, some central heating guys, a building inspector, the guys doing the Hebel exterior cladding, and the builders. Plus us and the project manager wandering around getting in the way of everyone. I guess we now know how it might feel to have a party. (Although if there are any drills and screwdrivers around when we have a party, I might be a bit worried!)

But we muscled in a bit to talk about what we need to with the project manger, builder and sparky, then retreated to our little spot of garden to plant another few natives: a red and a white manuka, and a kaka-beak. Then by the time we’d given all the native trees and grasses a drink, and trimmed back a bit of the long grass with our new brush-cutter toy. (Ah, the sound of a 2-stroke cutter… Brings back many memories of Japan!)

And no, we won’t be doing the whole of the property like that. Especially after bending the 3 way blade on a random rock on the first day!

By the time we’d done all that, the cladding guys had made a huge start on the job. Everywhere we looked, there was cladding up.

On all sides of the house at once! I’ve no idea what their system is, but I’m sure they’ve got one!

More interesting (to me) was all the wires that they’d managed to run in a couple of days. There was a lot of wire hanging out all the walls and ceilings all of a sudden. I just hope we’ve got all the switches and plugs in the right place!

In the end we just left them to get on with it and finished up our gardening for the day by chucking in a few radish, leek and celery seeds, just to see what they’ll do! Then we ran away!

I wonder what it’ll all look like next time we’re there. At this rate it’ll be finished!

We wish!

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