Hiding at Halloween

Yes, sorry. We are the type of people that run home on Halloween night and close all the curtains and only turn on the minimum number of light emitting devices to be able to see what we’re doing, and basically hide. We even considered cooking dinner by candlelight. But that might have possibly been misinterpreted as getting into the spirit of things, so we just grabbed enough stuff to make a sandwich and ran away to the lounge.

Bah humbug, I know, but I’m afraid I haven’t got much interest in another time of the year that really doesn’t seem to have a great deal going for it other than selling “stuff” to kids.

Doesn’t help that most of the kids running around the neighbourhood in masks on the way home were all about 16 or 17, and not the type of visitors that you really want to have to deal with on the doorstep on a dark night!

Seems to be working so far. No knocks on the door yet. We’ll see if it lasts…

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