These Boots Were Made For Walking…


I was looking through the photos that we’d taken while away and came across this one. My old boots left all alone in a rubbish bin in a hotel in Vegas when we left.

It might seem like a bit of an odd thing to take a photo of, but at the time it was just like saying goodbye to an old friend, and needed to be documented. A good pair of comfy boots is a joy to have, and a hard thing to let go of. But one day they just get past their use by, and hard decisions have to be taken.

I do wonder just how many kilometers I’d walked in them. Or even thousands of kilometers. They’ve certainly seen some sites with me around the country and world. I definitely know they’ve done a good many trips up and down the stairs to the front door!

But I have a new pair to replace them now. Of course I got them, and checked that they were relatively comfortable before I make the tough call to ditch the old. We’ll see if they last as well, and get a photo of their own someday. Hopefully not soon though!

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