Playing Cable-Monkey (Part One)

Today we got to do something real in the construction of the house. We got to play cable-monkeys! Yes, that’s right. We got to crawl around in the rafters on one of the hottest days this year pulling network and coax cable all over the place. And we seemed to pull a lot of cable through the house throughout the day! And let me tell you, jumping from truss to truss while you’ve got sweat dripping in your eyes is not a fun game!

The sparkies had done all the mains cabling on the right, and the white bits on the left, but all the coloured stuff in the middle was all our own work.

One of the more interesting bits was pulling a data cable through the conduit to the floor box. Fingers crossed all around that the tape would hold for the length of the conduit, which it managed to do!

Huge thanks to Kelly and Jeff who came and helped today. Although if we plug it all in and it doesn’t work, we know who we’ve got to blame! Just have to tidy the last bits up tomorrow, and write everything down so we know what’s what in a week!

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