Playing Cable-Monkey (Part Two)

After yesterday’s blitz at pulling cables left, right, and centre (well, for the surround sound, at least!), all that was left to do today was to secure them all, and tidy things up generally.

Well, that would have been the case if I hadn’t decided that if we were going to do this we should do it properly. So a few more runs of network and speaker cable were required before we got to the tidying up stage. But we were now old hands at that, so that was relatively painless.

I think in the end we ran 46 different cables. Seemed like more at the time, but that sounds like more than enough really!

And of course it all went a lot more smoothly today as we’d ditched Jeff and his constant waffling, and just had Kelly helping us today. (That will tell us if Jeff reads the blog!)

And I have to say that Kelly’s looming is top class!

Bec’s tying up wasn’t too bad either, but listening to her blithering on about how the purple speaker cables went so nicely with the yellow cable ties I was almost wishing we had Jeff out with us after all!

So that’s the hard work done. Was it worth it? Well, as well as a great sense of satisfaction in embedding something of our own labour in the house, I’ve got:

  • a sore left leg from climbing onto a sawhorse for the last couple of days;
  • a sore right leg from jumping off a sawhorse for the last couple of days;
  • a slighty sore shoulder from hammering above my head all day;
  • a small headache from dehydration having sweated constantly for 2 days!;
  • and a bloody sore thumb from an errant hammer blow late this afternoon! Man does it hurt!

And Bec has:

  • one cut toe from wearing flip flops on a building site (she got no sympathy from me when I saw what she was wearing!), and;
  • a sore thumb from cutting it when cutting a cable tie!

I think I got the worst of it there! But on the whole, I still think it’s worth it! (Not to mention the cash it’s saved us in sparkie labour costs.)

Next job related to the cabling will be to terminate all these cables somewhere! Twice as many ends as cables, of course, but hopefully it won’t take twice as long! Guess we’ll weigh up whether to do that ourselves (no doubt with Kelly’s help) or not in a bit…

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