Cooking With Gorse!

Remember way back when I got my little red thermette? Well, today we were down the back doing a bit of general tidying up when I came across some of the gorse we chopped out a while ago. A random synaptic fit led me to link the dry gorse and thermette together, and a fun experiment was had.

It actually worked pretty well! Gorse seemed to burn pretty hot when it’s all the little leaves and spikes burning, but it didn’t really like to catch the larger stalk logs I’d sawed off. And it can give off a lot of smoke! But I got there with a bit of careful tendering. Boiling water for a coffee with a jug just isn’t the same!

And yes, I did risk the water and drink a coffee made from the thermette. Tasted like any coffee made here so far. Maybe a small hint of smokiness coming through, but that might have just been off my clothes!

2 Responses to “Cooking With Gorse!”

  1. its_never_lupus says:

    With that small experiment out of the way, are you now going to build an afterburner-driven refrigerator??? Go on… You know you want to…

  2. Coffee says:

    The afterburner-driven refrigerator might have to wait until I’ve got a bigger shed!

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