Kitties installed

We’ve always planned to have a kitty or two here at the ranch for many reasons. But today we installed a couple in the house. We didn’t really mean to, but we saw them at the pet shop and just couldn’t resist.

We got a boy and a girl, from different litters, but they act like they’re sister and younger brother. He follows her around, and she sometimes gets a bit snarly that he’s always in her space, but right now they’re curled up sleeping next to each other.

They’re just so cuuuute! Not the best photo of them, as I can’t bring myself to wake them up to get a better one. It makes them look about 4 times bigger than they are. He’s just tiny! You pat him gently and he falls over.

No names yet. We’ll see if they display any sort of need to have a special moniker over the next few days. But already she’s continuing to display the character that we saw in her of a very, very laid back cat, while he’s a bit more curious.

2 Responses to “Kitties installed”

  1. Beth says:

    Oh my gosh they are soooo cute! They look so cuddly! I can’t wait to meet them….we are coming down the weekend of the 20th and were planning to come out and see the place if you are around now there is an extra special added bonus!!

  2. Coffee says:

    Already in the calendar, Beth! If you want a night out in the country, let us know.

    They’re still so cute! But at the moment they seem to keep waking each other up so neither’s getting much sleep. We’ll see how long that keeps on for!

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