An unexpected visitor

Late this afternoon we were getting in a bit of snooker practice when I noticed a bit of flitting around in the temporary nursery that has been set up in the courtyard until we decide what to do with both it and the plants. A focussed look revealed a fantail jumping all around the tree that’s there!

This grainy photo’s all we managed to get as it was pretty dark and horrid, but it is proof.

I’ve no idea where it came from or went to. We’re pretty much in an empty paddock except for the house. But I’m stoked that it came and said hi, even if it doesn’t come back for a while. But I hope it does! We might have to have more trees in the courtyard than I thought if that’s what they’ll bring in.

We keep trying to get a decent photo of all the swallows that seem to have made the house a regular venue for a snack, where they come and hover just under the eaves and pick off insects. But they’re just so fast that getting a decent picture is a bit difficult.

This is the best I’ve managed so far:

Reminds me a lot of Top Gun, for some reason! And they certainly fly pretty close and fast to both the house and us when we’re working.

3 Responses to “An unexpected visitor”

  1. its_never_lupus says:

    Is it an African or European Swallow; and what is it’s unladen airspeed velocity???

  2. Coffee says:

    In researching the answer to your question I’ve got a bit confused. Apparently they’re Welcome Swallows that arrived in NZ in the 1950s, and since they now breed here since then they’re suddenly Native Birds. Not sure I get how that works!

    Their unladen airspeed velocity remains undisclosed…

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