A couple of visitors…

The last couple of days have seen a couple of unexpected visitors. First up, yesterday afternoon we were having a relaxing game of snooker with the windows open to make sure we didn’t expire with heat exhaustion when we slowly became aware that there was a hell of a noise coming from the courtyard area. The fantail was back, and boy did he want us to realise it! What was unexpected? The timing of the visit mainly. This was pretty early in the afternoon, when the light was still pretty bright.

So I interrupted our game and wandered out casually with the camera and said hello. He was quite relaxed with me wandering around trying to get a reasonable pic. He even kept flying right by me on his missions to get a bit of food from here and there. And by “right by me” I mean about a foot away. The only thing he refused to do was to show me his damn tail when sitting in the tree where I could take a photo! Grrr. But I’ll keep trying.

The other visitor was even more unexpected. We were up early again this morning, and staring out the window we suddenly realised there was a hot air balloon floating at a pretty low level right over us!

We see a balloon or two pretty much every clear morning, but they’re normally a long way away from us. Looks like this one landed in a paddock just down the road.

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