Starter – Day 3

Everywhere we’ve looked lately we’ve been harassed by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall into trying to make our own sour-dough starter. On TV, on the net (although we didn’t use the rhubarb version of the recipe), in his latest cookbook that we’ve just bought, in his bread book that we’ve just bought..

Ok, so accusing him of harassing us might be a bit rich, but the constant bombardment about how easy and how nice sour-dough loaves will be got me to finally start a starter of our own.

I was a bit worried that I’d not managed to pick up any natural yeasts wandering around the kitchen whisking the dough, but after bringing myself to stop staring at the mix every 5 minutes and just sitting back and letting it do its stuff overnight we had some yeasty bubbly action in the morning.

So we’re now on day three of the starter feeding regime. Another week or so and hopefully we’ll have a starter ready to make bread with.

Looking forward to it!

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