A Bunny Buddy for George

The sewing practice continued with another addition to the household menagerie appearing from a collection of bits of cloth (and an old pillow). Meet Bindy, a fat bunny of our own.


Not so big, but definitely fat! So fat, in fact, that we thought something had gone horribly wrong with our working out of which bits had to go where. Which was even harder than last time. And over the sounds of the sewing machine, towards the end, I heard this hysterical laughter coming from the sewing machine area and look over to find Bec with tears streaming down her face, saying ‘it looks like an owl’, between laughs. But now we think it looks a bit like a Pokemon from front on. But we’re pretty sure that we got it right and the picture they had on the front must have been a completely different pattern…

But I think she knows she’s a bit fat, and so has a bit of a grumpy, “why you looking at me”, indignant look on her face.

George is way cooler. But at least he’s got a friend to play with now….

3 Responses to “A Bunny Buddy for George”

  1. Tomooka says:

    Masaki was very impressed with the dog and the cow… need I say more!

  2. megan says:

    Looks evil!

  3. Coffee says:

    Some days it looks evil, some days (like today) it just looks very, very grumpy! Still, it is sitting between the cow and dog, so maybe I can guess why….

    Maybe it got all the brains instead…

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