They’re Breeding!

It must be the introduction of the rabbit to to the house, but the soft toys seem to be breeding! Today Fergus the Highland moo-cow appeared from nowhere!


He’s pretty cute too. George might have a bit of competition…

I guess one day soon some proper sewing might have to be done, but for now it’s actually quite a lot of fun to see all the pets appear. Though we’ve not really got the room for all of them,and we might need to find homes for them all soon. If we can bring ourselves to give them up. Though in the case of the bunny, that might be a bit difficult. It might scare people…

2 Responses to “They’re Breeding!”

  1. lozza says:

    he’s gorgeous, you do have other human friends though don’t you?

  2. Coffee says:

    Of course! Well, we think they’re human. Maybe we just think that though… Hmmmmm.

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