And then there were three.

Another week, another bed rises up out of the weeds. Pity a row of beets had to be sacrificed for this one, but it was for the greater good really. For some reason the original garden bed we’d dug was quite a bit longer than the others. I suspect we dug them before we obtained the builders line which now gets rolled out on any occasion requiring a straight reference line. To the general rolling of eyes from someone who thinks it’s a bit unnecessary. But it would have saved the beets!

We also realised we’d made another rookie mistake. When we earlier moved all the wood to give a nice spot close to the gardens for all the compost we moved it all right to where the next bed will go. So before we can start on that one we’ll have to do a bit of rearranging. At least there’s a bit less wood to shift than there was.
We’ve got wood for another four beds. I wonder if they’ll get installed before summer? At this rate, not quite!

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