Computers must have feelings too!

For the second time now the web server decides to sulk and turn itself off as soon as I’ve left on holiday!!! ARRRGGGHHHHH!!! Why? Absolutely no idea! At least this time all I had to do to fix it was turn it back on again, rather than a full rebuild like last time.

Sorry if you missed your usual exercise of checking to see if we’d put anything new up, only to find that we hadn’t. But now we’re back from the hols, we’ve got a few things to write about. We’ll probably backdate the entries to when things actually happened, so make sure you go back a bit to see the new stories if you’re checking the site in the next wee while!

But at least it shows that at least it must miss me being around. We’ll just have to see if it happens a third time next time we’re away. If it does, there’s going to be trouble, and it will get a good talking to!

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