A quick tidy up around the edges.

We’re getting very close to the end of the summer break now and having not really accomplished too much to date it was time to roll up sleves and get into shoveling a heap of compost and whatever else smells strongly of pigs into the messy back strip that has mostly laid barren other than a citrus tree or two since we moved in. I’d managed to get motivated enough to get some edging in a while ago, but not bothered to fill in the gaps around it or sort the soil out. Or the weeds. Or the bits of timber lying around from the edging. Frankly it was all a bit of an embarassment.


So into it we got. First jobs were to fill in the gaps around the edging and to give it a bit of a dig over, and or course to pick up all the stones that magically appear everytime you show the soil a spade around here. Not too bad today. Only the 13.5 buketfuls to be carted away, but really that just made a bit of space available for the compost etc. Pity we’d picked a very hot sunny day to be doing all the heavy stuff, but there you go.


And so here’s the finished article. Much, much better. Now we just have to keep it clear of weeds, start watering it so it’s not as dry as a cracker, then work out what to plant in it. That can all wait for another day!


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  1. Sister Jo says:

    Looking good! I randomly planted lavender cuttings in a strip that was dry and rocky and had been left to the weeds and they are thriving! Just a suggestion… mind you your soil looks almost too good for lavender now. Looking forward to update photos soon.

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