Al Freso at last

Somehow we managed to agree on an outdoor dining table and some chairs while out shopping for such today, and while I’d like to say “and with no further ado we installed them” in reality there was a fair bit of what can only be honestly described as “slightly comedic pissing around” which ended up with us having a table and half the final number of chairs on premises and erected in time for the kids dinner. So they ended up with the privilege of the first meal at the table.


So now we just have to hope the rest of the chairs find their way to us, and we can work out the best placement of all the plants in pots. And the BBQ. And the tub of ice and beer! But I am pleased to say the kids enjoyed being the first diners, and smearing sauce all over the new chairs for mum to clean off.

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  1. Sister Jo says:

    Adele looks so pleased with herself!
    I hope you get lots and lots of use out of it – it is now dark and cold here by about 6:30pm and we didn’t manage to have one meal outside this year… a little too late now I fear!

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