The time the little orange digger came to play…

Long time readers of this blog will no doubt have previously been informed that the ground around here is slightly on the bony side. Any more bony and we’d probably consider opening a quarry! So the thought of trying to drag a spade or shovel through a few hundred meters of trenching has not had great appeal to date. So every time we’ve mowed the outer reaches there’s been a long sigh as we’ve had to go move the irrigation pipes out of the way first.

But no longer!


A little orange digger came to play one day,
When Nan and Big Kev came up to stay,
It chugged and it chugged up and down the land,
And cut through the ground as if it were sand,
On the day the orange digger came here to play.

Well, truth is it took a little longer than a day, but then it did have to assist with the creation of a couple of larger raised beds than has been the norm around here. Hardwood ex-power poles take a fair bit of effort to manoeuvre into place, even with the assistance of a little orange digger. And a fair bit of spoil from the BBQ area and the decking needed to be pushed around down the back too. So all in all a hugely productive long weekend.


So now all we have to do is get the pipe settled in the bottom and shovel the dirt back over. A job that’s almost enjoyable. Much more so than trying to get the dirt/stones out of the trenches!


A huge amount of thanks to Kev, Nan and Tom!

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  1. Sister Jo says:

    Now if only he could bring it over here too…

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