Sort of kinda almost done…

Apologies again. We’ve been a bit tardy with the updates, but here’s a little run-down for you. Wednesday last week the scaffolding team of five guys arrived and plonked up the scaffolding. Thursday the builder and his mate put on the roof, and also added the interior plywood wall, swept the place out and called it a job well done. Friday the electricians arrived to do the pre-wire at very short notice. They left. Now I guess we’re waiting on either a council inspection, or the batts to go in. Not sure which has to happen first.

But then after that it’s just Gibbing, sparkies adding the sockets and switches, the main garage doors going in, a ramp to be constructed so we can actually drive into the thing and we’re done. Another week should do it, I reckon. Oh. Hang on. There was some sort of interaction with the council in there, wasn’t there. Maybe a month and we’ll be done then!



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