It’s been a bumper year for garlic!

This would have to be by far the best crop of garlic we’ve had since we started growing it. Every bulb a big fatty, and more than 100% strike (some cloves must have been sneaky double ones when I planted them). I suspect the very wet November and December helped, along with the automated watering for the dry times.

It was due to rain the other day when we pulled them up so they were all stacked up inside the garage on a table. And did the garage smell of garlic the next day? It certainly did! even the inside of the closed cars had a bit of a whiff on. Hopefully a bit of time outside will help them lose a bit of that stink.

We’re down to the last dozen or so bulbs from last year’s crop, so it’s pretty good timing really. Although we did give a fair few bulbs away last year. And this year we’ve got at least 20 or 30 extra bulbs compared to last year.

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