Flowers for Bec

I’ve never understood the giving of flowers. It just seems a bit pointless and mean to give someone something that just sits there and dies at you, dropping it’s leaves and stuff all over the place.

Now in a garden, that’s different. That’s where they belong. (Except roses. I’ve never really liked them much, except for the climbing ones. Scraggly looking plants that bite you are not my favourite things.)

But Bec seems to like them, as do most women I know, and occasionally wishes that I’d bring her some. Well, kind of. I think if I did buy her some now her first thought would be that I’d done something really, really, really bad!

Just as well some of her friends give her some now and then!


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  1. lizk says:

    Some men are just so unromantic! Mike, time you get in touch with Interflora I think! LOL

  2. […] Bec always complains that I never buy her flowers.  Which is true.  I think I’ve even written about that before. But now I think I’ve earned a few Brownie points by giving her a (very small) bunch of flowers I’ve managed to grow myself. […]

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