Meet our plant…

Right, so we’re going to have to ease into this blogging thing again, so let’s start with something easy.

Meet our plant!


Ok, so on first look it’s not that exciting. But for us it’s become a bit of a clock. When we inherited it from someone’s flat a few years ago we called it “the stick”.  It only had about 2 or 3 leaves, and looked pretty darn sad.  And it stayed that way for quite a few years. Over the last few, though, it’s gradually got more and more and more leaves and now looks pretty much like a real plant.

And this year there was a big surprise.  It flowered! A big, strange, collection of flower type things popped out the top, sat around for a while, and then fell off.  And then another one appeared!


The second one’s almost ready to fall off now by the look of it, and a new leaf has already appeared.

No idea what type of plant it is though. Must look out for one at a garden centre or somewhere to work that out…

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  1. lizk says:

    Good to see you guys back online! Bit worried you are turning into the new Alan Titchmarsh though!
    See you both soon, Liz x

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