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Museum Visit

After our wander around the chaotic Cairo museum, we were told that the British Museum here in London had Egyptian display that was much more clearly labelled and organised.

So as we had a Sunday with nothing planned, we thought we’d go have a look. And they were right!

It was interesting to wander round there having seen all the stuff in Egypt. We’d point items out going “we went there” or ” that looks like the ones at Karnak, and sometimes we’d even be right. Some of the other displays such as the Egyptian burial ritual displays were put together with a whole heap of information alongside and really told the story well.

While there certainly a lot in the Cairo museum, the sheer volume of it all, and the way that very few items were labeled, made it all a bit overwhelming and almost disinteresting. That said, there were some areas there that had obviously had a lot of work put in to them, and were a joy to walk through, like the Tutenkhamon display.

We also had a wander through some other bits of the British museum, but after about 2 hours we’d had about enough, especially as we kept getting lost due to some of the linking galleries being closed, and so we decided we’d have to go back and finish wandering around some other time.

But at least we’ve had a recent dose of London culture!

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