The Photos Are Done! Finally!

Chew baby!

Yes, though it’s taken a while, the sorting of the photos of the trip is finally finished and they are up at the usual place (if you don’t know, or can’t remember, where that is, send me an email…) Well, I say finished, but we haven’t bothered yet to do any cropping, straightning or touchups yet, but I’m sure you’ll cope….

We’ve even put together a guide which is here to tell you what we did and what you’re looking at. It might be worth keeping a copy of that page open and handy while you’re going through them. Just note, if you’re the first to look at a photo it might take a while to open as the poor liitle underpowered server here tries to resize it so you can see it…. You can either just wait for them, or come back later when we will have hopefully have gone through them all and it should be faster.

Anyway, enjoy! And we have lots more if you really need to be bored! Let us know if there are any you really like too, just so we know which are the really good ones.

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