Moving house…

Well, the horror of it all has just about receded into the past enough for me to think about writing something about the move we made a month or two ago. Just about!

As you’ll remember, the state of our landlords mortgage affairs led us to have to vacate the old flat so that we could feel like we could sleep peacefully without bailiffs knocking on the door in the middle of the night telling us to get out. Or worse, turning up during the day while we were out and taking all our stuff assuming that it was his… So we looked for a few flats around town, but in the end we decided to take one just across the road from where we were. This was partly because we’ve gotten to know this area now, but partly because I thought it would make it an easier shift. We wouldn’t have to make sure we had everything packed up at one time for a truck to come and take it all, and could take our time walking things across from one place to the other. (Bec says – But to be honest I think because we had so little to go the not packing properly makes it even harder when moving.  Who would’ve thought it would take so much time to walk just across a road to shift).

And that was pretty much the whole weekend. Walking loads of stuff from one apartment block to the other. Back and forward and back and forward and sit down for a minute and back and forward etc, etc, etc.

Whew! I feel tired again just thinking about it!

I started off keeping track of how many trips, boxes, etc that we’d brought over, but by about the fifth trip that had started to wear a bit thin, and we just put our heads down and did a few more. So I’ve really no idea how many trips and how much stuff we moved.

We did meet a couple of neighbours going up in the lift for another load on Sunday in the old flat that had obviously been watching us all weekend and were quite impressed/amused by the whole ordeal. Glad we could entertain someone!

The star of the whole ordeal was a little sack trolley we borrowed off a friend of Bec’s. We did also borrow another one from the concierge from the old place, and a furniture delivery guy that was briefly loitering outside the new place for a few loads here and there, but the one below was the constant companion. It must have looked a bit funny to casual observers. I’d be carrying over some awkward stuff, while Bec would be driving the cart over with a stack of boxes that was almost as high as she was! It was easier for both of us that way, honest!


Glad it’s all over though! Hopefully for a good long while! I still think it was easier to do it this way than pack it all up at once, but if we had to do it again I think I’d pay a couple of guys to come and do a lot of the walking to and fro for us while we tried to look busy packing stuff up ready for the next loads…

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