Joker or Saint?

We haven’t really posted that much about what we have been doing lately.  We seem to have posted more about what we haven’t been doing! So here is a little something. Not sure its that interesting though!

A few weeks ago we went to a club rugby game (actually it was the Saturday just before the snow arrived – you know the snowfall that shut London down for the day).  Any thought of posting anything non-snow related just didn’t seem right at the time.

Through Bec’s boss we got tickets to a club rugby game: Saints v Harlequins at Twickenham.  So the pair of us and a few of Bec’s work-mates met up for an afternoon out together.  It was played at the Harlequins’ rugby ground just around the corner from the big Twickenham ground, (so on that scale the ground was just a little one).  And because it was a bit smaller, it had a really great atmosphere. And it was packed!

The ground did sort of bring home how big a pastime rugby is in New Zealand compared to the UK though. These teams are in the premier league of UK rugby, and the stands are still only fairly teeny.  Not quite on the  Lancaster Park or Carrisbroke scale. And that’s before taking into account the small difference of a few 10s of millions of potential seat warmers between the countries!

It was also a little odd watching the game and not really having any idea who we wanted to win, as normally there’s at least some reason to lean towards supporting one team or the other, but not this time. We’ll have to assume the best team won on the day!


Weather? Freeeeeezing!  Bloody ffreeezzzing! (It did dump huge amounts of snow just after that, remember?!.  The Harlequins were the winners – that was apparently a bit of a no brainer to those in the know.  But it was a fun day out, with a few pints of Guinness to warm all the boys up…. but Bec says drinking Guinness (the only time she really ever drinks it is at a rugby game), is like having a meal – you don’t need that much before you are full!

Oh and did we mention it was bloody cold, even with jackets, gloves and hats and scarfs on?!?!

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