With a “significant other” like this….


We always like to cook ourselves something yummy on holiday weekends we spend at home (to make up for not tasting exotic cuisines from a foreign city while on a weekend break). That meant a trip to the posh supermarket on Saturday morning to stock up on completely unnecessary but yummy things to get us though the long weekend.

On the way back down to the tube on the escalator Bec was standing on the higher step behind me. Suddenly I hear this voice full of absolute glee say…

 “Do you know, I think you’re getting a bit of a doughnut to go with your receeder! [ni-eghhhe-heeehe!…]”

That’s right, kick a man when he’s down!

The thing that’s really hard to get across in the written word is just how much glee was in her voice at the time. If I said “lots”, it would still be a massive understatement!

And she wonders why I refuse to get a haircut… Sigh.

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