We will not be outdone!

We refuse to let Megan try to score any bonus blogging brownie points by documenting the making of jam.

So today we managed to use up all the courgettes that we would otherwise have thrown out in a few days by making another batch of courgette chutney.The fact that we had to go and buy a whole lot of apples that we’ll probably end up throwing out in a few days in order to get the one apple we needed for the recipe  is beside the point!
Actually, I’ve just  looked back and found out that it was at exactly the same time last year that we made the last batch. I guess we are as boring as we think we are! No puzzles were done this year though, so maybe we’re slightly more exciting than last year.

Or maybe it’s just that the  weather’s been a bit better this year!

Whatever. Anyway, this batch of chutney has turned out a heap darker than last year’s, but I swear we did nothing different. I guess we’ll just have to wait a few weeks to see how it’s going to taste!


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