Almost ready!

Once again it’s been a while since the last chilli update… But here they are! The latest pics.



And damn! They’re starting to look good enough to eat! No idea when the Habeneros will start to change colour, and not sure how big the Ring of Fire’s will get, or when they’ll ripen either, but we’ll see.

I just hope they’re getting enough sun on the not so sunny window sills. I’ve been really surprised at just how prolific the Ring of Fires have been given that they’re in pots that are really too small for them, and that has obviously stunted their growth a bit, but given the size the Habeneros have got to, that’s maybe not a bad thing! Next time though, maybe a pot size somewhere in between would be better.

And it’s maybe a good thing that the hundreds of flowers on the Habeneros have not all managed to pollentate through the “shake that plant” pollenation method, else we’d have enough to feed a whole Carribean community! Amazing amounts of flowers.

All looks good for a full production run one day though.

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