Moving blogs about…

Hopefully this has gone by pretty much unnoticed by you, but I’ve just shifted the server this blog is hosted on in preparation for some pretty big infrastructure changes here in the next few months.

A few things currently still look a bit different as I still need to track down some of the changes I made the the template that ran the previous version and redo them in the updated one, but all in all I’m pretty happy with how the move went. No major dramas, no databases getting lost… All pretty smooth!

Cross fingers it continues like that!

2 Responses to “Moving blogs about…”

  1. jude says:

    Are you sure it’s not all a big illusion – a myth – a trompe d’oeil ……….
    To the uninitiated it looks the same, behaves the sames, smells the same, tastes the same – but does it cost he same??
    Anyway – I’m sure you are happy and congratulations are in order. Well done!
    And it is now April – which is next to May – which is next to June….

  2. Coffee says:

    Patience, patience! I’m still working up to my bile-filled rant for April!!…

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