Ok, this is it. A line has finally been crossed. I knew things were getting out of hand, and it seemed like every single TV programme had to have an “0900-Dial in and give us some money” aspect to it, but now it appears that they finally do have to…

The ITV NEWS has now had a 0900 competition during it! The NEWS! What the hell?!

I find this pretty damn disturbing. Somehow it just doesn’t seem right. It’s meant to be the news for goodness sake! Sigh.

But that reminds me. 0900 numbers have been in the newspaper lately for another reason. Well, the Metro at least. I’m sure that technically it counts as a newspaper.

Apparently there are some people really upset that they’d spent money on 0900 numbers to vote people off from Big Brother, only to find that they now have to spend more money though these numbers to stop the person that they’d voted off from coming back though some strange back door that the producers have thought up. There’s even talk of legal action over mis-selling the original 0900 numbers if they do come back.

Or something.

Can’t say I’ve really been that worried about it all.

All I can say is “get a life, and get over it, suckers!”

And actually, while I’m ranting, and on a related topic. The Metro seems to feel the need to have a “news item” about what happened the previous day in the Big Brother house. Look, either you watch the show, and you already know what happened, or you don’t watch it and really, really, really don’t care.

What the hell is the point!! Please give me some more real news. There has to be some around! And sack the journo who’s presumably made themselves a cushy job out of watching that shite all day to come up with a one inch “story”. They’ll be good for nothing now. Their brains must be mush!

I feel better now.

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