Into the belly of the beast…

Sometimes it’s nice to get your handy dirty, without getting them actually dirty. Tonight was “put new bits in a PC” night. Always a fun and rewarding time. As long as I’m home alone when I’m doing stuff like that! Being interrupted when things aren’t going well, and I’m trying to remember where 4 different cables are meant to go does not go down well!

I’d finally got sick of running out of space on my Linux desktop box, as I’d re-used an older small drive in there while I was “just playing” with Linux a while ago when I built that box. Now that that machine gets turned on far more often than the windows box, I thought I’d better add some more space. (By shifting the home directory to a new drive, for anyone geeky enoughto understand that!) But I thought I’d add it in a removable drawer so I can rip it out easily and…. Do something with it, I guess! Not that much harder than adding a normal drive, but a bit more fiddly.

And while I was planning to do all that I thought I’d fix the case fan that used to start up so loudly that you could hear it from downstairs. As sure sign that something is really not right! But I think that I could be on the start of a big long slippery slope because of that. The only fan that size that my usual supplier (i.e. the one that generally has enough is stock that I can get things delivered the next day and just get on with it) was one that had cute blue lights in it that make a nice glow up the wall now.

I know there is really no need for all sorts of lights in a PC, but I reckon they have to go faster if they have lights. A bit like a racing stripe on a car!

Luckily today everything went fine, the patient lived, and the box ended up better, faster (I wish), and more prurdy than before!

And, like usual when delving into the belly of a beast, I came away with a sense of satisfaction. And relief!

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