I hate jetlag.

Not that I normally get a bad case of it, but somehow after this last trip to the States for a couple of weeks (of which there will be a report soon, promise) I seem to have contracted my first real dose.

First night back, no problems. So tired after the flight that we had an hours nap in the afternoon and went to bed normal time and slept like a log right through.

Last night? A bit tired after working again (dammit) and so went to bed about the normal time… And then woke up after about an hour long heavy doze, just like a nice afternoon nap, and then that was it. No more sleep was to be had all night. Grrrrrr.

I suppose on the plus side it did allow me to be slightly educated by the late night documentaries that they have on. I learnt why the pilgrims left for the States, how the monarchy changed between about 1700 and 1850, and how photography influenced public opinion of WWI and as a sideline story to that one, how that impacted on women getting the vote. All stuff that everyone should know.

Made for an interesting day at work, with so much to do, including preparing for a training course I had to take in the afternoon in the morning, and delivering said course. They said I did make sense, but I’m not so sure. I think they were just being nice. Thankfully!

Somehow coming back from NZ has never been like this. I guess by the time you’ve travelled about 26-30 hours in one hit you’re just so mucked up that as long as you time your first sleep right, you can get straight back into a normal pattern.

Tonight better be better, or I’ll cry!!

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  1. megan says:

    Told ya! It’s the shorter time changes that hit you harder. My worst jetlag has ALWAYS been from US to London. It’s awful. Am feeling your pain. Poor tired kid. I bet Bec is sleeping like a baby, right?!

  2. Coffee says:

    HA! No, she struggled too that night. But I think that she was a little better off after I gave up and relegated myself to the couch to watch TV.

    Last night was a lot better, luckily! I hope we’re back to normal now!

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